Christmas time is such a busy season for parents of  “normal” children, so for parents that have disabled children it is 2 to 3 times as busy! Between lab visits, doctors and sometimes hospital visits, it can disable parents. I always encourage my parents to take time out for themselves. You need to go out away from the children and relax, even if it is just for ice cream. I was always tired taking care of my 2 children with epilepsy and ADHD. Once a month my husband and I would go out to a fellowship group at my church. I think it was the only thing that kept me sane for many years. I would also go for a weekend away with my buddies, just to talk about something other than the kids. If you can’t get away from the house a bubble bath with candles and scented soaps can provide a little relief as well. You NEED to recharge your batteries as often as you can. If you are too tired to handle the kids they won’t get all the care they need. So don’t feel guilty, think of it as a doctor’s appointment, a must do! Enjoy!