The most important document that a Special Education parent can possess is a copy of the laws that pertain to Special Education. The 2 most important laws are the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 section 504. Both of these laws pertain to the State’s responsibilities and the local school districts responsibilities. Most parents don’t know that there are laws that govern the education of a special education child from the supports for the ADHD child to the complexities of the visual impairment child. Our children deserve the very best education that the district and state can provide. The districts don’t always want to educate  our children even though they receive funds to do that after they identify the child as needing special education. I want to give you the links you will need to find these important laws. IDEA is contained in a document called the Federal Register which is a changing document where new language and laws are kept current and more accurate. So you as the parent need to go to 34CFR parts 300 for elementary and high school and part 301 for preschool children. The pages you should concentrate on are from page 46753 to 46804.  You can print these pages and punch with a 3 hole punch, place them into a notebook and you may want to use tabs for the sections that adhere to your child’s situation.