I am a Special Education Advocate and have been defending disabled children for 17 years in the school districts of the Miami Valley area of Ohio. I myself have filed many state complaints and a few federal complaints, so I know the processes for both. I have defended children in the court system and would “go to the mat” for any and all of them. They are wonderful people who deserve a chance to succeed. I feel that education of the parents is the best weapon we can have against the school districts who do not want to spend the monies they receive for our children’s education. That is why I have developed this website.

I want all of you out there to be armed with not only the “breastplate of righteousness” but also the knowledge of the law so that you can use it to get the best possible education for your struggling child. As parents, we are the only people who will fight for our children, schools fall short on a daily basis to help and support our children. We need to be educated in the laws of special education and use that knowledge to assist our children in becoming the best educated adult they can be. Hopefully this site will arm you with the weapons for this war. Enjoy reading about your rights. I hope this helps you in your fight to become the best parent your special education child could have! May God bless all who enter this site and use its information for the educational improvement of a special child!

Betty Cornwell