Would you like to start the 2017 school year better for your disabled child? Do you know where to start? Is your child failing compared to the peers in his class and on his report card? Then you need to know how to write letters to  special education personnel. If your child is failing and you don’t know why, then you need to get the school to do a Multi-factored Evaluation (MFE). The letter should read like this:


Dear Special Education director/supervisor, (get the name of this person)

My child____________ is a _____ year old, currently in________’s class. My child is failing or likely to fail without intervention with his/her studies in __________ class. Therefore I am requesting a full Multi-factored Evaluation as soon as possible. The evaluation should cover the following areas:

Academic by a psychologist
Psychological by psychologist
Speech and Language by a speech and language therapist
Gross Motor by a Physical therapist
Fine Motor by an Occupational therapist
Auditory by an audiologist
Visual by a vision specialist
Social evaluation

I understand that according to law this testing must be completed in 60 days. I am requesting a meeting to sign papers to get this going as soon as possible.




This letter should be emailed or sent return receipt so you have a date stamp of when it was received by the district. That way no excuses can be given as if they lost it. You will have to sign papers to allow the school district to perform these evaluations. Outside evaluations can be requested if you don’t think the district’s evaluations are reliable or accurate. Be sure to get the evaluations completed by the appropriate personnel, as given above. For the first evaluation make sure they do all areas by the professionals listed above. Future evaluations can be just over the areas where there are deficits. Good luck and God Bless!

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