Hello and welcome to the site that can answer all your questions about educating your child with disabilities. You probably never knew your disabled child could get a proper education in your school district. But I am here to tell you that many parents have fought for and succeeded in obtaining laws for the disabled child that will help them get the proper education. We have come a long way since the days of keeping a disabled child in the basement and away from schools.

Now with the passage of laws like IDEA and 504 our children are not only in the school systems but they are a vital part of that student body who contribute every day to the awareness for other students of what it means to be disabled. Our children get quality educations, with our help, and graduate and become part of the work force, many times with college degrees. Our children become the owners of corporations, scientists, veterinarians, doctors, and millionaires. Our children are hard workers who are used to struggling and eventually achieving success. That is what it takes to make a wonderful person in today’s society.

I have started this website to make it easier for you to navigate the laws that protect our children and help them to be the successful people we envision them to be in the future. Hopefully you will find answers to your questions and the link to the laws that support our answers so you may not only know the law but also quote it in your correspondence and oral conversations with school personnel.

Now when you write a letter requesting a Multi-Factored Evaluation, you will know how to request this and can quote the law that supports you asking for this evaluation in your written correspondence. No more will a school district be able to say, “We don’t have to do that for your child”. Now you can say, “Yes you do, and it says so in the law of IDEA in section 300.304”. Once you start to understand the rights you and your child have under IDEA and 504, you will gain freedom to question your child’s education with the knowledge of the federal laws and the state laws that govern your particular region. All state laws must match with the federal laws. All federal laws super-cede the state laws, so if the state law is not accurate, then you quote the federal law to your district.

You also have the right to complain about your district to the state you live in and this site will tell you how to do that. If the state does not follow-up on your complaint you can also complain to the federal government about the state. The whole purpose of this site is to give you options!